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Loopd is the next generation of virtual learning environment, it places a greater emphasis on Collaboration and Conversation.
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Delivering Sustainable Student Retention Strategies

Loopd helps to Increase Retention so that your institution retains more money through student fees, and helps to Raise Attainment so that your institution offers a more valuable academic experience. Here's how we do it.


86% of the reasons why students dropout of education are due to feeling isolated from the support and objectives of the institution. This is primarily due to the choice of communication medium, rather than a lack of support available. Email is still the main channel for conversation between staff and students yet less than 10% of students check it! It's time you moved to a real-time news feed.

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Classroom teaching is precious and should generally not be replaced with technology. However some projects and assignments require high levels of organisation and would benefit from the assistance of technology to help plan and manage tasks. Loopd is a powerful mobile application that incentivises and then empowers students to schedule, prepare and communicate information on the go.

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Staff schedule content to arrive before a lesson begins, so that students save time by not having to navigate the VLE and locate it themselves. This encourages students to open resources and actually read them prior to arriving in class, such as when commuting to campus. This small amount of preparation increases focus in the classroom and can significantly increase attainment.

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Traditional education technologies focus all communication on work and this isolates students who are motivated by other aspects of the student experience such as extracurricular pursuits and social interests. Loopd specifically welcomes all aspects of a student experience and helps inspire a more balanced education by natural cross-pollination.

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Teamwork and collaboration have become an increasingly valued part of the education system and are often required for assessed group projects, this has forced teaching practices to change, “What technical solution or support do you provide to assist collaboration within the student community?”

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Reflection is the most under-appreciated stage of raising attainment and requires empowerment, fun and low barriers to participation in order to be effective. Loopd cultivates this vibrant and safe space for reflective discussion, so that relevant and productive conversation can happen.

How can we help you?

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  • Reach the entire student population in one click.
  • Channel communication easily by course or year group.
  • Message individuals or groups in realtime.
  • Schedule the delivery of content to help plan and save time.
  • View the engagement stats for your community demographic and learn when is the most effective time to communicate.

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  • Add events, tasks and projects to student calendars.
  • Set deadlines that notify students by phone.
  • Build a portfolio of teaching resources.
  • Send large files and attachments via realtime messaging.
  • Schedule the delivery of content to help plan and save time.

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  • See a personalised calendar of activities and events.
  • Search and message other students or course groups.
  • Build a portfolio of social and learning experiences.
  • Join the full list of student clubs and societies.
  • Enjoy everything in one place with the mobile app and receive notifications and reminders to help you.
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  • The MirandaNet Fellowship is a worldwide education community that was founded in 1992 and delivers professional development in the emerging field of education technology, to encourage valuable sharing of policy and practice for teaching and learning.
  • The Tablet Academy is an independent organisation created to support educational institutions to transform teaching and learning, through the integration of new and existing technologies. Through consultancy and training services, their team of qualified educators support over 600 schools, supporting more than 12,000 teachers a year.





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